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Harmonious sleep thanks to moonwood at the Hauser Hotel

Moonwood is a particularly valuable wood in terms of quality. Why? Because it is felled in "winter dormancy". When the moon is waning, shortly before the new moon, the tree sap is drawn into the roots. This means that the tree is already relatively dry when it is felled and gains valuable properties. As a valuable natural material, it is accordingly treated with care and respect after felling.


This wood is not only said to have special qualities, but also a positive influence on inner peace, harmony and health. Many people believe in nature and its power, moonwood is the perfect representative of this natural power. Since it does not need any treatment or toxic coatings, there is a natural advantage for health. And so it is not surprising that we at the Hauser Hotel have chosen this precious wood for the finishing of the rooms. It has such a soft effect and captivates with its strong colour. The incomparable scent is so memorable and creates relaxation and well-being.


And last but not least, it is of course also sustainable, because its excellent properties mean that objects made of moon wood remain more beautiful, retain their original shape and have a longer lifespan.  





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